Trigger/Content Warnings


explicit sexual content and adult language

Kept in the Dark:

stalking in the form of threatening/obsessive notes, mention of past drug use (off page), mention of past overdose (off page), attempted sexual assault (not by the love interest), and dubcon with light somnophilia. This book contains graphic sexual content, including public play, light bondage, edging, and off page graphic violence (described not shown)

Unleashing Chaos:

on-page panic attacks along with mentions of a potentially fatal car accident, parental abandonment, death of a parent (all of which happen in the past and therefore off-page), and a scene in which a man attempts to grope the FMC without her consent in a club setting.

explicit sexual content, including but not necessarily limited to light breath play and light spanking

The Amber Shift:

mild violence, abduction, sexual assault

Wicked Encounters:

mild violence, voyeurism/exhibitionism, primal play


generational trauma

Edge of the Veil:

mild violence, parental death


Non-violent on-page suicide attempt, mention of loss of limb, depiction of death, guns, drug use, mildly graphic description of near drowning, mildly graphic car accident, and depiction of the events of 9/11