Wicked Games (Season 2 of the Wicked Series)

After the betrayal that shattered Cordelia’s world, she finds herself in the arms of Elias’s enemy–his twin brother. Cane has trapped her in an icy paradise with no friends, no way to reach her parents, and no Elias. But maybe the solitude is exactly what she needs to clear her head and hone her new powers.

How could Cane leave Cordelia behind after everything she discovered? After all, she isn’t just his brother’s soul-bonded, but his as well. He plans on proving that he is the perfect Dagon brother for her.

Cordelia is the love of Elias’ existence, and he refuses to leave her in Cane’s clutches. He made his fair share of mistakes with her, but this will not be one of them. He won’t stop until he rescues her and rights everything he did wrong. The only question that remains is if she will forgive him.

But it’s the wicked games they play that could be the undoing of them all.

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